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Building Skills in Sexual Health: Resources for Adolescent Sexual Health

Friday, May 17, 2024

Washington Association for Community Health, Washington AIDS Education and Training Center, and Washington State Department of Health are partnering to offer a monthly webinar series that will help Federally Qualified Health Centers leverage the whole care team to address patients’ sexual health.

Intended Audience:

Clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, prescribers, navigators, health educators, behavioral health providers, and other members of the clinical care team

Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with Teen Health Hub WA, a youth-designed resource hub with information and youth testimonials on topics including sexual health, mental health, gender, racism, and more.

  • Understand how they can integrate Teen Health Hub WA into their work. 

  • Identify resources from Washington State Department of Health and Washington Health Care Authority that can support the provision of confidential services. 

  • Understand the eligibility requirements and coverage differences of the Health Care Authority's Apple Health's family planning services, Family Planning Only program, and After Pregnancy Coverage. 

  • Become familiar with the Health Care Authority's pilot of the Person-Centered Contraceptive Counseling measure. 

  • Learn about the Health Care Authority's plans for potential additions to the Family Planning Only program benefits.  


Andrea Estes, Sexual & Reproductive Health Programs Innovation Manager, Health Care Authority

Alexis Bates, Adolescent Health Consultant, Washington State Department of Health

Nicole Casanova, Youth Engagement and Evaluation Specialist, Washington State Department of Health

Questions? Contact:

Brianne Probasco

Reproductive Health Senior Coordinator


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