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What is InReach Career Pathways? 

The Institute for Rethinking Education and Careers in Healthcare (now InReach) is sponsored by the Washington Association for Community Health. InReach Career Pathways hosts apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs that provide individuals with full-time employment and supplemental instruction to obtain an industry recognized credential in the healthcare field.

We currently offer a Medical Assistant Apprenticeship, a Dental Assistant Training Program, and a MA Pre-Apprenticeship Program. In addition to running these programs in Washington, we offer assistance to organizations in other states interested in launching their own training programs.

What does InReach do?

Apprenticeships and training programs play a vital role in connecting people with jobs in the healthcare industry by providing a structured pathway to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience required for various roles.

Our programs help break down learning barriers and provide accessible avenues for individuals to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for a career in healthcare.

Our Programs


Medical Assistant Apprenticeship

The Registered Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Program is a 12-month program that prepares students to take the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) test through the National Healthcareer Association.


Dental Assistant Training Program

The DA Training Program prepares students to work as registered dental assistants in the state of Washington. Over 12 months, students complete 39 modules of online coursework while learning skills on-the-job.


Medical Assistant Coach Training Course

 The MA Coach Training Course gives a solid foundation in how to navigate on-the-job-training, adult learning, and effective communication with immediate application to their coaching relationships. 


If you are an employer or potential apprentice that is interested in our programs, visit the InReach Website to learn more!

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