In-REACH Health Care Apprenticeship Program Expands with $2.4 Million Siemens Foundation Grant

Updated: Nov 15

November 15, 2022 – The Washington Association for Community Health is excited to announce the expansion of its In-REACH apprenticeship program, thanks to funding from the Siemens Foundation. Over the next three years, the Foundation will invest $2.35 million from the Siemens Healthineers Fund of the Siemens Foundation, to support the development of new apprenticeship tracks, expansion of partnerships with new states, and addition of support services students need to fully participate.

Today, In-REACH offers Medical and Dental Assistant apprenticeships and training programs that continue to grow in enrollment year over year. Since it launched in 2014, the program has averaged a 63 percent annual growth rate. With the Siemens Foundation funding, In-REACH will develop additional tracks based on top health care workforce needs.

"The In-REACH program is rooted in the values of community health centers, centering whole-person, preventative care that is available to all,” said Bob Marsalli, CEO of the Association. “We are grateful to the Siemens Foundation for investing in the expansion of this values-based program to meet additional health care workforce needs in Washington and across the country."

Two people practice a medical checkup on baby dolls
MA apprentices at a hands-on lab day at a Country Doctor clinic

Health Care Workforce in High Demand

The Association launched the In-REACH program in 2014 in response to community health center and overall health care workforce needs that have only continued to grow. Recent occupational data projects that the number of open Medical Assistant (MA) positions will increase 16% nationwide and around 22% in Washington State over 10 years. Similar levels of growth are also anticipated across other health care professions, including but not limited to dental assistants, nurse assistants, community health care workers, and home health aides.