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Supporting Vaccine Confidence for Childhood Immunizations

As a result of our listening session with health center staff on vaccine hesitancy and vaccine confidence, the Association will be presenting a workshop with three leading experts to help health center providers and staff learn skills to create an organization that champions vaccination.

Dr. Gretchen LaSalle, author of Let’s Talk Vaccines: A Clinician’s Guide to Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy and Saving Lives, will guide you through practical skills and strategies for messaging the importance of vaccine to patients and shaping a culture of vaccine championship at your organization.

Our second expert is Nadine Gartner, from Boost Oregon, who will be providing resources and practical ideas for outreach to your community and community partners.

Our third expert is Deborah Vinsel, CEO of Thurston County Media Services, who will provide guidance on convening a team at your health center to help create your own media content to help deliver your message more broadly, as well as resources to partner with local media experts in your area or across the state.


As a result of the Listening Session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to develop organizational skills that promote vaccine confidence and address vaccine hesitancy

  • Learn how to use messaging that supports vaccine confidence in pregnant women and parents of children under 6 months

  • Understand what staff and skills are needed to create a culture of vaccine confidence


Medical Directors, Dental Directors, Behavioral Health Directors, WIC staff, RNs, LPNs, Physicians, Pharmacists, Community Health Workers, Outreach staff, Medical Assistants, School-based staff, population health staff, other staff involved in childhood immunizations

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