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Putting PCMH into Practice - A Transformation Series

Putting PCMH into Practice: A Transformation Series is a 7-part webinar series that will take participants through the NCQA PCMH 2017 Standards & Guidelines with a focus on providing applicable models, relate-able challenges, and relevant examples to embed PCMH into your organization’s practice. Participants in the series will be able to identify, assess, and plan for implementation of core PCMH processes, and align core processes with the NCQA PCMH recognition requirements. Our featured presenter from Qualis Health will engage series participants with preparatory assignments, examples of documentation and evidence, and the chance to address technical questions between webinar sessions.

Series Objectives:
  • Identify, assess, & plan for implementation of core PCMH processes

  • Align core processes with the NCQA PCMH recognition requirements

  • Embed the medical home model within your organization

The Redesigned Recognition Process
April 25, 2018

Team-Based Care & Practice Organization
May 16, 2018

Knowing & Managing Your Patients
June 13, 2018

Patient-Centered Access & Continuity
July 11, 2018

Care Management & Support
August 8, 2018

Care Coordination & Care Transitions
September 12, 2018

Performance Measurement & Quality Improvement
October 10, 2018
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