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Health Workforce of the Future

In the latest episode of the Workforce in Action podcast, our Director of Career Pathways, Alyssa Burgess, met with Equus Workforce Solutions to explain how allied health apprenticeship programs represent a solution that meets the diverse needs of employers and communities, with a focus on Community Health Centers.

“[The MA program] includes topics that are really specific to the interest of FQHCs. We’re covering topics like integrated care teams, chronic diseases, even the PCMH model — patient centered medical home — and we also recently added a whole module on social determinants of health. So, our medical assistants are pretty well prepared to serve patients of all backgrounds.”

The Workforce in Action podcast covers emerging issues and trends affecting employers. To this end, Burgess explains how the Association and its In-REACH program meets workforce needs in the current labor market by leaning in to the resiliency and versatility of the community health centers. The podcast also covers the history of In-REACH programs, the value proposition that apprenticeships offer both employers and students, and the plans for expansion in 2023. The podcast is available on the Equus Website, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple.

Equus Workforce Solutions is an organization that provides workforce development services in North America. They serve over 1 million individuals annually covering a multitude of services for job seekers and employers. They create opportunities through family support services, education, training, job search assistance, placement, and retention.

To learn more about our In-REACH programs, visit us online or contact us at

Are you inspired by the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program? Click here to learn more!

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