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Community Health Workers: Managing Time, Staying Organized, and Balancing Priorities

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

With effective time management, Community Health Workers (CHWs) can take control of their time and get on top of their to-do list.

Join the Association and guest Everyday Life Consulting to learn to assess CHWs’ current time management, then dive right into the core skills of time management: prioritization, scheduling and focus. They will explore the historical theories and approaches to time management to understand what's right for CHWs. Plus, learn how to deal with some common time management challenges such as lateness, dead time and interruptions. Finally, CHWs will be inspired by learning how to set goals and discover what it is that motivates them.


As a result of the learning event, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify, organize and balance priorities while taking ownership of time

  • Define and understand core skills time management

  • Understand historical and present approaches to time management

  • Teach their team to synchronize their work with their body and motivation


Community Health Workers and their supervisors at Washington's Community Health Centers (FQHCs)

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