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Collaborative Screening Skill-Building Series - Build Self-Efficacy

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Watch recordings from this monthly webinar series to review and practice person-centered screening, referral skills, and evidence-based practices for effective and partnership-based communication with patients.

Intended Audience

All staff conducting social needs screening of clients, their supervisors, and program leaders who are responsible for social health implementation at their organization are encouraged to attend.

October 12 | Build Self-Efficacy: Affirmations and Strengths-Based Care

This month, we will review the power of affirmations to support self-confidence and the delivery of whole person care. We will practice our affirmation skills and other strategies for strengths-based conversation.

About The Trainer

Ariel Singer is the creator of Collaborative Screening, which was inspired by over a decade of experience working on health promotion and health system redesign, primarily with community health centers and community behavioral health agencies in Oregon and across the United States. Ariel has an MPH in Health Promotion, and draws on many professional skills in her work, including quality improvement, facilitative leadership, visual thinking, human-centered design, and popular education. She is a faculty member in the Parsons School of Design Continuing and Professional Education certificate program in Human-Centered Healthcare and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.

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