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Closing the Loop After Clients are Screened for Social Needs

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Join the Association’s Social Determinants of Health Learning Network to learn how a WA community health center is closing the loop after clients are screened for social needs! Our special guest Yakima Neighborhood Health Services will share best practices and how challenges are addressed at their well-established screening program.

Intended Audience:

Social Determinants of Health Learning Network members and any community health centers’ staff involved in screening clients for social needs, connecting them to resources and using data to inform care.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of attending the learning event, attendees will be able to describe how to:

· Communicate data among staff

· Coordinate handoff and workflow among staff

· Clarify roles

· Write in case notes so providers can better address clients’ needs

· Bridge the gap between clients and providers

· Meaningfully use data (provider, nurse, and medical assistant)

· Not over screen and traumatize clients


Chris Newman, MA-C

Chief Integration Officer

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Chris Newman is the Chief Integration Officer at Yakima Neighborhood Health Services. Ms. Newman started her employment at YNHS in 1994 as part of the medical support team, and over the next two decades advanced through the organization to become part of the leadership and then administrative teams. Ms. Newman is a champion in the organization of helping teams integrate services across the medical, behavioral health, nutrition, and social service providers. She is the Electronic Health Records Trainer for all clinical staff, and as a Certified Medical Assistant, is a role model for her team working to the top of their licensing scope, providing depth of expertise to address standard clinical intake procedures and standing orders, population health, and social determinant screens. She has helped develop career paths for Medical Assistants to assist in recruitment and retention, and in her current position works closely with the CMO and CEO to identify patient and community needs.

Questions? Contact:

Patricia Gepert

Health Access Coordinator

(360)786.9722 ext. 230

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