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Building Skills in Sexual Health Webinar Series: Collecting SOGI and Sexual History Information

Washington Association for Community Health, Washington AIDS Education and Training Center, and Washington State Department of Health are partnering to offer a monthly webinar series that will help Federally Qualified Health Centers leverage the whole care team to address patients’ sexual health.

This is the first webinar of the 9-session series.


Attendees will learn to create an inclusive clinical environment that supports positive health outcomes for all patients.

  • Describe LGBTQ+ health disparities and impacts on health outcomes.

  • Differentiate sexual orientation and gender to improve provider-patient communication.

  • Utilize the electronic health record to communicate preferred gender and names.

  • Illustrate the importance of sexual health and obtaining a sexual history

  • Describe how to set the stage for obtaining a sexual history.

  • Discuss how to obtain a sexual history.


Clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, prescribers, navigators, health educators, behavioral health providers, intake/front desk, and other members of the clinical care team.

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