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Advancing the Use of SDOH Date to Support Value Based Care

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Is your health center interested in learning about how collection of social needs data can support your performance in providing value-based care? Join this one-hour webinar, presented by Washington Association for Community Health, CHAS Health, and the HITEQ Center to learn best practices in SDOH screening and how health centers have used SDOH data for patient care, population health, and value-based care. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share the specific challenges they face regarding SDOH screening and use of data.

Intended Audience:

All health center staff, particularly those who are involved in screening clients for social needs, connecting them to resources and using data to inform care, are welcome to attend.

Learning Objectives:

After participating in this session, attendees will be able to: 

  • Describe the basic steps of SDOH screening and referral.  

  • Recognize various approaches for dashboarding, and interpreting SDOH data.  

  • Understand how SDOH data can inform patient care, population health, and value based care.


Natalie Truesdell, MBA, MPH 
Senior Consultant, HITEQ Center

Ms. Truesdell has 15 years of experience in technical assistance of programs for underserved populations. Ms. Truesdell has been working with health centers since 2006 to provide support in needs assessment, planning, and use of data. She has supported transformation and team based care in chronic disease, integrated behavioral health, health IT and workforce development. She has been a UDS editor and trainer for more than a decade. Since 2016, Ms. Truesdell has been part of the technical assistance team at the HITEQ Center supporting health centers to use health IT to improve access and quality for their patients. 

Brooke Lively, MPH 
Clinical Business Intelligence Analyst, CHAS Health

Brooke is a Spokane native who has worked in community organizations throughout the Inland Northwest for the last 10 years. In her time at CHAS as a Clinical BI Analyst, she has supported the organization's Multispecialty and Health Equity programs. She is passionate about utilizing data to understand community and patient needs to improve population health. 

Kylie Kingsbury, MPH 
Health Equity Manager, CHAS Health

For the past two years, Kylie has worked at CHAS Health with the health equity team to support Community Health Workers in addressing patients' SDOH needs as well as managing the organization's SDOH programs. She has worked in many communities over the past 11 years and in each role has worked to promote equity and community health.  

Questions? Contact:

Patricia Gepert

Health Access Coordinator

(360)786.9722 ext. 230

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