Learning Resources: Community Health Workers


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Our Health Access staff supports health centers' Community Health Workers which help Washington's most vulnerable populations access health care and social needs' resources.  We offer annual trainings to this workforce in English and Spanish to build skills and support team based care.

Contact Patricia Gepert, Health Access Coordinator, for more information. 

Request for Training & Technical Assistance

Refresher Training: Building Skills in Motivational Interviewing; Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave; Immigration & Public Charge​

The Spring Intensive Training for Promotoras de Salud / Community Health Workers is an intensive one and a half day event, which includes various workshops/presentations and activities, which are offered FREE OF CHARGE to 70+ participants. These workshops / presentations and activities are conducted in Spanish, with English translation available, using popular education techniques.

Community Health Worker Statewide Initiatives, American Diabetes Assocation's Ambassadors Program & Resources; How the Physiology of Diabetes Relates to Diabetes Treatment; Blood Pressure Training & Resources; Update on Public Charge Proposed Rule; How to Take Action to Protect Health Centers' Clients from the Public Charge Proposed Rule​

Update on Promotores; Diabetes & Digestive System training; Self-Care Workshops; L&I Hispanic Outreach; Oral Health Training​

101 Capitol Way N.  Suite 201  Olympia, Washington 98501 |  360.786.9722  |   staff@wacommunityhealth.org 

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