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Capacity Building


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The Association grows the capacity of community health centers to serve more patients with workforce development and apprenticeship programs. We help community health centers recruit and retain skilled staff with trainings and connections through educational partnerships.

The Association provides training and technical assistance to enable community health centers to deliver effective, evidence-based health care to our patients. Our offerings include one-on-one coaching, group trainings, connection to industry experts and resources, and facilitated peer discussions.

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Workforce Development

The Association works with Washington's Community Health Centers to recruit health professionals and improve Community Health Centers' ability to retain highly-skilled staff. 

​Contact the Workforce staff for further information.

Workforce / Human Resources learning events & resources

Medical Team

Practice Transformation

Our Practice Transformation Staff offer training and technical assistance to support health centers in the delivery of evidence-based care that is culturally appropriate for their patients. We assist and support health center staff through multiple channels including one-to-one coaching, peer-to-peer learning, training events, and meeting facilitation. 

Contact Hannah Stanfield, Care Improvement & Innovation Manger for more information. 

Practice Transformation learning events & resources

Youth Conference

Outreach & Enrollment

Supporting community health centers' efforts of enrollment through the Affordable Care Act.

Contact Patricia Gepert,​ Health Access Coordinator, for further information. 

Outreach & Enrollment learning events & resources

Children's Dentist

Oral Health

Association staff provide programmatic support and technical assistance to health centers in their efforts to improve oral health services. 

Contact Jessica Bateman, Strategic Policy Advisor, for further information. 



Behavioral Health

The Association provides programmatic support and technical assistance to federally qualified health centers in their efforts to improve and integrate behavioral health services in community health centers. 


Behavioral Health learning events & resources 

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